Bulletin: 5th September 2015

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Our AGM takes place next Saturday at the RE Museum at 2pm during Corps Memorial Weekend

The agenda will be as already advised.


Radio Nets this Week

HF Radio conditions remain interesting.   For the second week in succession we changed frequency from Eighty Meters to Sixty meters at 8AM and lost communications due to ionospheric conditions on the sixty meter band.  See bulletin 29th August 2015.  We have also experienced poor conditions on forty meters on Wednesday evenings.

It was fair to say that from 7:30 to 8AM on 80 Meters all stations were Readability Nine and Strength Five Plus 20db via HackGreen SDR.  I gave all stations reports of  “5&9 plus 20” (well they had to be on the fifth of the ninth 2015 didn’t they?)

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HF. 0730 to 0900 Today

Long Skip on 40 and 60m.  A recording of the Saturday Net is at the link to the left.  Shortly after the change, on 60 Meters Gordon, G3RE and Net controller was contacted by LB6BG in Stavanger, Norway.  A very strong signal.  He was 700 Km from G3RE and approx 800Km from my receiver, (web SDR) in Cheshire.  The prediction for the band was indicating no short skip i.e. no comms under 400Km.  True to that everyone under that range, me, Mike G4ICC and Jack G3PWK were unable to contact G3RE.

It was interesting to note we moved back to eighty meters and carried on the net until it closed at 8:30AM.  After that I also did a recce on forty meters and found conditions very similar where stations in Shetland and Norway were booming in.  You can hear this in the recording above towards the end.

40M on Wednesdays.  I did call CQ on 7.075Mhz and had a short skip QSO with PD3MGA in Utrecht at 300Km before going over to 60M for a short QSO with Tom G4CMG.  We are now looking for a better frequency and perhaps a different time as the frequency is very crowded.

73 de Stu

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