Bulletin: 29th August 2015

newnetInteresting HF Conditions This Week

On Net today

G3WOV net controller, Mike G4ICC, Derek G3XWD and G4IYK

Recording of 80 and 60 Meter Radio Net

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Propagation Services – Prediction Charts Do What it Says on the Tin.  

The value of propagation prediction services was illustrated this morning.  The net started off on 80 Meters with good quality audio via the internet and software defined radio receiver at Hack Green in Cheshire.  All signals were readable quality so reports were five and nine with the exception of G3XWD who was slightly more difficult to read.  I could hear my own signal coming back at good quality.


At 8AM the net normally changes frequency (QSY) to 60 Meters (5Mhz) (mid way through the recording above) Just before going I reviewed the propagation prediction the frequency where we were heading.

290815 Prediction

The chart above was showing me that while conditions on 80M ((3.8 Mhz) were reasonable at our ranges,  On 60 Meters (5.3Mhz) – normally quite good at this range and time of day, it would clearly not support the net this week.

The chart is created from data from ionospheric sounders (Ionosondes) that tests  the F2 Layer of the ionosphere across a range of radio frequencies.  This layer reflects high angle signals back to earth when it is sufficiently ionised.  The data are used to predict the next few hours.  (With thanks to IPS Radio and Space Services the Australian Government Propagation Service.)

We changed frequency and it was precisely as predicted.  Signals were difficult between here and G3WOV in Yorkshire but nothing heard from those stations in between.

We reverted to 80M and closed the net at 8:20.

73 de Stu,  G4IYK



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  1. Dixx says:

    PS. Following the link to IPS gives a summary of conditions as follows: Low to Moderate solar flare activity expected as region 2403 (S15W69) has produced two M class flares over the last 24h hours. Coronal hole effects currently in progress with Moderate to Strong solar wind speeds expected. Geomagnetic conditions expected to be Unsettled to Active at times with Storm periods, should Strong solar wind speeds coupled with sustained southward Bz eventuate. Aurora sightings possible from southernmost Australian regions. Short-wave radio fadeouts possible. High-frequency radio communications Fair to Poor at all latitudes.

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