Radio Communication Schedules

Shortwave (HF) Nets (Local Times)

Please note we have moved onto winter timings.  Due to conditions the 80m net will start at 0800 Local from 23rd December 2017.

Saturday073030Mins3.722 MhzLSB1
Saturday080030Mins5.371.5 MhzUSB2
Weekdays PM13004 Hr +/-7.040 MhzPSK313, 4 and 5
Weekdays Evening19003Hrs +/-3.580 MhzPSK313, 4 and 5


1.  Free Web Based Shortwave Receiver at this link

2.  Alternatively use 5.3985.5 Mhz

3.  On Week days Schedules should be arranged within these times by emailing members @  Best day being Wednesday.

4.  Alternatively LSB may be used on 7.090 +/- during the day and 3.722+/- in the evening.

5.  Stations using PSK31 are advised:

  • To use to automatically upload reports, track band occupancy and radio conditions. This is a feature of most PSK31 Software.  (your PC will need to be connected to the internet to use this feature).
  • Call CQ occasionally if no other RE stations appear to be on the band.  This will enable your callsign to appear in the heard list of others and make it easier to locate you.


As at 20th Feb 2016 G3RE is registered with the D-Star Network – No pre-arranged schedule as yet – Please check last heard list and call directly.

Band Conditions

An up to date prediction of band conditions can be found at the link above.  This chart can be used to determine the chances of communication at your range and frequency for the time of day.

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