Notes from the 2015 Annual C3S Technical Update MEL

From WO2 Mark McLay – 32 Engineer Regiment


1. Opening Address – Chief Instructor (CI) RE Warfare Wing (REWW)

Lt Col Moreton welcomed all and remarked on it being good to see the high numbers of attendees (approx 80).

2. Command Support Branch. (CSB2) Update – Asst Instructor (AI) & Senior Military Instructor (SMI)

Things are looking bright with a high number of both Vocational and Non-vocational courses being delivered.

3. Morpheus\Legacy Support Unit (LSU) – Major Pengelly RM

MORPHEUS / LSU are still in the planning stages and not a lot of detail has been confirmed.  I imagine, much like LARKSPUR, changing to CLANSMAN, changing to BOWMAN.  Next years Convention should hopefully give more detail.

4. BG Doctrine – Captain Bridges RTR

A Battle Group CIS Handbook is in the draft stages and will hopefully be pushed out to the Field Army by the end of this year.  In my opinion this is long over due and should help by standardising what/when Units should be doing what and also acting as a good handrail for the more junior elements involved.  Also, goodbye BATCO L, with the use of secure voice Comms it is deemed obsolescent so you need no longer attempt to reserve a Key Setting.

5. Virtual Learning Environment – Mr Brian Eshelby

Bri Eshelby, formerly WO2 (QMSI) RE, demonstrated the use of emulation/computer based training discs which have utility in keeping tradesmen refreshed where they might not have ready access to physical radios or as preparation before attending their Class 1 Course.

6. Peer Group Discussion – Capt Coles\WO1 Hoggart\Sgt – SSgt CSB, SSI’s

Not covered.  Instead, Maj Daz Rudd discussed the detail for Units running their own distributed training and how competencies are awarded and recorded.  In addition Sigs SNCOs are to become responsible, as the POC, for monitoring the majority of Unit delivered training, across all subjects, to ensure quality of instruction and adherence to Training Objectives/KLE.

7. General Dynamics – BISA / IR – Mr Ted Madams

Update from GD on the repair process and stressed that IR (Incident Report Forms) must have maximum information so that trends can be identified and remedied, where possible.  Units now have the ability to check online for updates on any of their kit that is with GD in the repair chain.

8. Army Personnel Centre (formerly RE Records) (RE APC) – Lt Col Bartlam RE

A largely generic brief on what RE APC do, with a small spiel on how the Trade Stream is opening up to give Signallers the option to go SQMS/RQMS as spaces, in trade, are getting tighter for promotion.  There are definite mixed reactions to this, my concern is that we will become pressed men rather than volunteers for these posts!

9.  Closing Address

10.  Convention Photograph in Mess dress.

11.  AOB

In between speakers I delivered the rea radio branch presentation to all present.

A mixed response, many were non-committal (possibly feel that they are too youthful) but by no means negative.  There were a number of Reserve (TA) SNCOs there and Sgt James McLelland, C/S 2MØRMP, is keen to get on Net.

(I will be sending all those who attended an email with ready access to the links and can see how easy the membership process is.)


1 REWW = RE Warfare Wing, formerly the Battlefield Engineering Wing.

2 CSB = Command Support Branch, formerly the Comms Trg Wing.

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