Bullletin: 17th December 2016

On Net

Seasons Greetings!

Radio Conditions on the 80m band today were remarkable in as much as they started out poor to fair and came up towards sunrise to strength 9.  The net was good enough for communication.  Given the time of year all stations were around to let the net controller know their whereabouts for the next net which is on Christmas Eve this year.  As I write I am listening to Canadian stations calling each other on the same frequency.

Memory Lane

Jack G3PWK enjoyed our feature on heavy drop which we put on facebook.  He noted it was early days in ’56 especially when dropping ammunition.  Some pallets of white fos, and mortar ammo exploding spectacularly on impact.  Mike G4ICC reminisced about shipping sweaty explosives out from the RSME to fire off in a quarry and travelling through the City of Rochester to get there.  Sometimes risky business.

Digital Hosting

The net covered a lot of topics, but outstanding was Tom Milne’s recent artwork which we all would like to see, this reminded me to say this website is capable of hosting and publishing any branch members digital media and articles and is available as a resource to you.  Tom is an artist and sign writer and has produced many very interesting works.  We look forward to being able to display his work here, alongside the photographs of the many trips he makes on our behalf.

Branch Matters

We called Captain Jon Woolley RE, who is AI at Command Support Branch in Minley.  He updated us on some changes to staff and is happy to host our (late) AGM at the CSB after he returns from a course.  This will allow serving and ex-members of the Corps to gain an insight into how the branch works and expects to develop and the branch to update itself on how the trade is progressing.  We look forward to this in February 2017.

Net Controller – Duty Op G3RE Rota

The current Rota runs out on 31st December.  Would qualified operators please complete the form here or let me know their availability by email.

Best wishes, for Christmas and a Happy new Year.

Stuart Dixon – Branch Secretary.



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