Bulletin: 24th May 2016

MOD Publishes Annual Population Survey of UK Armed Forces Veterans Residing in Great Britain

REA HQ have advised the above mentioned document is located at their website

Acting REA controller Lt Col (retd) Neil Jordan summarised the document as follows:

Key Points

  • There were an estimated 2.6 million UK Armed Forces veterans residing in households across Great Britain (GB) in 2014.
  • UK Armed Forces veterans residing in GB were predominantly male with over 50% aged 75 or older. This was expected given that National Service ran from 1939 to 1960 and, at certain times, stated that males of specific ages were required to serve.
  • The South East and South West of England were estimated to contain the highest number of UK Armed Forces veterans equating to 28.6% of the veteran population residing in GB.
  • Across UK Armed Forces veterans and non-veterans residing in GB there were no differences in the types of long term health conditions, with the most prevalent long-term health conditions being musculoskeletal and cardiovascular and respiratory problems. There were no differences in the health conditions reported by the working age (16-64) veterans, when compared to the standardised non-veteran population; however a significantly higher percentage of retirement age (65+) veterans (44.9%) reported conditions relating to legs and feet, when compared to the non-veteran population (33.9%). This may partly be due to the physical activities veterans would have partaken in whilst in Service.
  • There were no notable differences in the employment status of working age UK Armed Forces veterans residing in GB when compared to non-veterans with 75.3% of veterans employed compared to 78.3% of the standardised non-veteran population.



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