Bulletin: 16th July 2017

2017 Annual Command Support Symposium Dinner



This year, at the invitation of Capt Jon Woolley RE, I was honoured to be invited to the command support branch annual symposium dinner on 15th June, to represent the REA Radio Branch.

Before dinner I was privileged to meet Brigadier Matt Bazeley RE, Commandant of the RSME, and had the opportunity to meet the CO of RE Warfare Wing. Major Gurung the OC of the CSB and the Signals Officers of the Corps.

The symposium had gathered signals officers, QMSI’s, Senior and Junior regimental signals instructors from the whole corps, and branch members to update them on technical and training matters.  It was attended by over sixty senior RE Signals personnel and I was delighted to be able to pose with them for the course photograph, something I last did at Chattenden in 1993.

At dinner I was seated in the company of the youngest soldiers there, which gave me a rare opportunity to gain a further view of life at the practical end of signalling.  The lasting impression I will take from this, is that the room was very much buzzing with confident and lively people devoted to their trade, just like it always has been, for decades.

Dinner itself was of a very high standard and afterwards, the SMI of REWW gave his customary welcome to the guests, while taking an opportunity to re-stock the mess wine cellar with port 🙂

Brigadier Bazeley then delivered an after dinner speech that included a view of the corps seniors from all branches of the corps.  He very kindly included the REA in this and I was quite impressed to get a mention several times by name (Stu!) in connection with the business of preserving the heritage, association and esprit de corps through our branch and CSB which is a unique branch of the corps in its own right.

Stuart Dixon

Branch Secretary


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  1. David Barker says:

    Well done Stu, what a privelage to be invited. To be able to speak to all that RE Signaller talent must have been very interesting. Ubique

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