Bulletin: 15th August 2015

In On Netnewnet this week:


A new member has joined.

We are still trying to establish communications on the forty meter band.

A freely available web radio receiver is being used for communications.

Windows TEN arrives and there is a view of its impact on various age groups.

We discuss Lego and its use in our living rooms, therapy and engineering (and look back to mechano).


One new member this week.  Welcome to Andrew Longsden.

An extensive newsletter was sent out last week.  Work continues on our web shop and we are preparing for the AGM on 12th September.


Wednesday 12th August – 40 Meter Net

Both G3PWK and G4IYK reported listening around 7.070 Mhz on Wednesday evening from 7PM.  No members were contacted.

Radio Conditions.  At the time the frequency was suitable for longer distances- with no shortage of continental stations being heard throughout the band but alas no local stations (like us) being heard.  It was also noted that the eighty meter band was open for the type of short range communications we use (NVIS).

Going forward.  Tom G4CMG will activate G3RE and call CQ at 7PM on 19th August on 7.070 and we will fall back to 3.722 Mhz if nothing heard.

Saturday 15th August – 80 and 60 Meter Net

G3RE Tom (G4CMG)

Gordon, G3WOV.  Jack, G3PWK and me, G4IYK.

Our guest was M0ZAE – Henry from Bedford who belongs to the RAF ARS and RN ARS.

Radio Conditions.  60 Meters slightly better than 80 Meters.  The net commenced on 80M – where signals were poor to average via the direct route.  Here in Gravesend, noise levels were defeating my local receiver but at Hack Green (in Cheshire) all stations were being received 59+ with good quality all round.  (See link at bottom of the page).  I dispensed with Hack Green for most of the net after 8AM when we changed over to 60M as signal quality was much higher all round on the local receiver.

RSGB HF Noise Measurement Campaign

A report on page 42 of Radcom September 2015, Vol. 91, presents an interim view of the results of the monitoring activity to determine average radio noise levels in UK.  A group of stations are studying the NOISE levels in various sites with a view to a full report next year and Gwynn Williams, G4FKH presents some data and a view of the approach.  It will be interesting to map our own experiences against these results but I can already see areas where the experiences concurr.

More background Here

Easy Listening, the Hack Green Experience and Windows TEN

As most of us were using Hack Green SDR to get over local noise, part of my experience this week was using the new Edge Browser which came with Windows TEN on the Hack Green Site.  I wanted to see how it performed in terms of Audio.  (it did well).  During this test I set up a recording which usually the site performs very well and this downloads OK in Google Chrome when we finish the net.  Using Edge I stopped the recording expecting to be offered a download link.  None.  Recording lost.

Windows TEN Experience

Various mixed results.   Most people On Net reported issues with Windows TEN but mixed results.  For me, it works but I am cynical about its commercial advantage and why it was free – and I have some reservations about what was changed and how various people will adapt to it.

I noticed it didn’t help us when they removed various features off the Windows Seven Start Button in order to make room for stuff that will earn Microsoft money, resulting in the features we were use to seeing being hidden.  Now, in Windows TEN to find devices and printers you have to right click the start button,  – choose control panel and run it there before you can adjust the printer for example.  In due course it will be easier to put this back where it came from – by right clicking it and pinning it to the start menu but the point is most people who make the change will have some sort of learning curve and reconfiguring experiences to regain control of Windows. Us silver surfers (!) will be the hardest hit. I notice this wasn’t mentioned in the Windows TEN advertising which wasn’t designed for us:)


The main topic today was a fun conversation about LEGO and young Luke Ball from Hornsea who has designed the latest addition to the lego range of models – a very realistic design of a car ferry as posted on the virtual legoBBC Website.

The young at heart On Net enjoyed this conversation and recalled various mixed results and health and safety concerns – From Cathedrals to piles of lego rubble to keeping it away from small children and how painful it is to the soles of your feet if you forget to wear your safety boots…

MineCraft – A Virtual World made of what vaguely resembles Lego is now with us.


Best Wishes and 73 de Stu



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